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Why do I need to Affiliate Register?

Affiliate marketing is a business that generates more revenue by rewarding website owners for promotion. The website owners attract more consumers for advertisers through their own marketing activities, so as to achieve the purpose of brand promotion and sales growth. In this type of marketing activity, there are 4 key roles:

Highfive Affiliate Register

Highfive Affiliate Register

1. Affiliate Register Advertiser

The key feature of advertisers is to have a website that provides products or services and is looking for more channels to promote their products or services. They provide website owners with promotional materials placed on the website to interact with the audience, and this type of promotional materials will be linked to the website where advertisers want to promote transaction growth.

2. Highfvie Affiliate Register Webmaster

The website owner can be an individual or a company, and they earn commissions by promoting products or services on the advertiser’s website for the advertiser. Once the advertiser chooses to cooperate with the website owner, the advertiser grants the website owner the right to use the promotional materials. Regardless of the channel preferred by the website owner, even if it is offline resources, the website owner can also integrate relevant content.

3. Affiliate Register Consumer

A web user who clicks on an advertisement on the main webpage of a website will be transferred to the main page of the advertiser who purchases goods or completes specified operations.

4. Affiliate Register Marketing Alliance

Marketing alliances are an intermediary that promotes the development of the relationship between advertisers and website owners. They provide a platform for cooperation between the two and allow both parties to access or publish the promotional materials they need. This is exactly the role of TradeTracker, we provide leading problem solutions to optimize customers’ online advertising, and manage marketing activities by tracking transactions and payment status. In addition, we also provide more extended services, such as providing further industry insights and professional customer management services to help customers achieve perfect marketing effects.

Affiliate Marketing Common Operations

Affiliate marketing is also called performance marketing, the main reason is that advertisers only need to pay for excellent results!

CPS (cost per sale)

When a website user is directed to the advertiser’s page through the main page of the website and makes consumption, the website owner is rewarded. For example, when a website user browses a watch comment on the website, he clicks on an advertisement and spends on the advertiser’s webpage. At this time, the commission will be rewarded to the website owner who led the sale.

CPL (cost per lead)

Once the website owner’s website visitors are directed to the advertiser’s page, enter and send out their personal information, such behavior is considered as a guide. For example, when visitors are browsing the main page of the website, they click on an advertisement and send out the information they filled out on the main page of the advertisement. At this time, the commission will be rewarded to the website owner who guided this operation.


5. A Win-Win Situation to Affiliate Register 

For merchants, this “pay-for-effect” marketing method means that they only need to pay for the “business” that the other party actually brings. Why not? As for affiliate members, as long as there are visits, they don’t need to have their own products to make money-no production, no purchase, no order processing, no after-sales service! 2. Lower customer costs and advertising costs. Comparing McKinsey’s statistics on TV advertising costs and magazine advertising costs, the average customer cost of affiliate marketing is 1/3 of TV advertising and 1/2 of magazine advertising.

6. Affiliate Register Broader Network Coverage and Brand Strengthening

Suppose, for a specific market (or specific keyword), if you rank 21st in Google search results, your affiliate website may occupy half of the top 20, even including the top three! Your links and banner ads on their website can attract most of your target market’s attention, which is very effective for increasing traffic and strengthening your brand.

7. Affiliate Register  Not Concentrate on Product Development

Since the problem of website traffic can be basically solved in this way, businesses could not concentrate on product development, customer service, and sales channels, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

8. Affiliate Register Computable Results.

Compared with the traditional way of advertising and distribution of affiliate network marketing “pay for performance”, a significant feature is that every customer’s click behavior and online progress can be recorded by management software so that merchants can know every penny It can also provide scientific decision-making basis for product development and marketing strategy through the analysis of these records.

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