1. What is HIFIVEE working hours-FAQ?

There is someone who can work on your questions as 7/24/365.

2. How to provide Sample/Pilot/Mass as low as possible for the price-FAQ?

Profit margins will not affect the quality of product and process development, especially in the electronics industry. One of the hottest issues experienced by electronics manufacturers and OEMs is the ever-changing technology that requires increasingly complex project and assembly, box-building services. For all these problems, quality standards should be maintained at every stage of the project. Of course, happy intermediaries or intermediate links to reduce the cost of the project can be considered.

Highfive FAQ

Highfive FAQ

3. How to return or refund from HIFIVEE?

If there are any defects in our product, please let me know at [email protected], we will check it within 24 hours. If we found there is a problem with us, it will be either repaired or re-produced., or we will refund you.

4. How does your privacy policy work?

It is respected the privacy of all our customers. We promise we will never share your personal information with any third parties. Please get the link for our privacy policy

5. How can I get a quote as B2B?

Just find our salesperson for it, and it will be quoted within 12 hours, remember to enclose your files and all other necessary files for product quotation.

6. When does it begin for turn-time?

After the EQ confirmation. There are some Engineering Questions for your files. It can be confirmed after communication.

7. Are all of your products RoHS Compliant?


8. Is there any better shipment way for our products?

Yes, We have rich experience with dropshipping, and we can suggest with better as you have. For example, we can offer delivery and shipping through third parties such as DHL, UPSFedExTNT, and the United States Postal, or other company Dropshipping Service.

9. Who is the best courier company to ship?

It depends on the actual project for total weight and urgency of delivery. HIFIVEE has rich experience in shipping and delivery.

10.Who will be responsible for the customs duty that may be levied in my country?

As the customs policy may be different in different countries, some customs authorities would levy customs duty on imported goods in some countries. If this, it is your responsibility to pay. In many countries, the duty may be waived or exempted.

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