Personal Electronics


1. Basic situation of personal electronics

Covers many types of equipment, including mobile phones, tablets and e-readers, wearable devices, personal care and protective hygiene products, gaming equipment, drones, audio-visual equipment, and virtual augmented reality equipment.

Personal Electronics Portable Bluetooth Speaker Pro

Personal Electronics Portable Bluetooth Speaker Pro

They have become part of our daily lives, and we want them to be reliable, easy to use, and provide a great user experience.

In order to create next-generation devices, developers are striving to innovate for various devices along with different directions of key technologies. Although the requirements of these devices are different, they also have a lot in common.

2. Common Points of Personal Electronics

a. Audio and video capture and playback

b. Activity tracking

c. Personalization

d. Immersive game or autonomous control function

e. Need to optimize power consumption to achieve the longest battery life,

f. Need to enhance the user interface and optimize the user experience.

g. Correct and convenient operation and connection are required, and protection of personal data captured or stored on the device is required.

Examples include sensors, microphones, time-of-flight solutions, image, and optical sensors, and touch-sensor controllers. Personal protection and protection products, such as ESD protection, we also provide battery management equipment and solutions for solar panel power supply, and optimized power and energy management products to improve connectivity with RF products.


3. Personal electronics sports video

Electronic design and development of consumer electronic devices, such as sports audio-visual equipment, OTT, and personal portable devices.

4. Baby Monitor Personal Electronics

Electronic design and development of consumer electronic products, such as children’s audio-visual equipment. The best tracking and monitoring through our smart baby equipment can ensure the safety of the baby.

5. Personal Electronics Advertising Player 

Electronic design and development of video players, touch cash registers, POS cash registers, and other related products.

6. Personal electronic DLP projector

Electronic design and development of portable DLP projectors. You can learn more from a DLP Projector.

7. Distribution of customized solutions for personal electronics (this is not an included list)

Man-machine interface

Personal electronics


Medical/Healthcare and Health/Wearable Devices

Wi-Fi and BLE

Smart RF/RF identification

Infrared control

USB/CAN/Ethernet/SPI/IR interface

Touch and input sensing

You can customize as we are ODM & OEM HIEDESIGN, or contact us now for more detail.