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Portable Power Station

Product Name: Portable Power Station

Model: G500

Issued Date: June, 29,2020




Emergency communication,

medical rescue

fire rescue and other fields.



Portable Power Station


Portable Power Station  Basic Parameters:

AC inverter:500W continuous,550W peak

Popular Capacity: 120Ah

Battery Capacity: 445Wh

AC Output: 220V/110V(One choice)

USB Output: USB1 QC3.0 USB2-3 5V/3A

TYPE-C Output: PD60W

DC Input: 12-24V/5A

DC Output:2*12V/10A(MAX)

Vehicle Charging:12V/10A

LED Lamp:3W/1W


Product Model G500
Product Capacity 2500mAh * 6 * 8
Cell Model 18650/2500mAh 3C
Battery Power 445Wh
Inverter Power AC Sine wave AC 500W 220V(110V)/50Hz
Inverter AC Peak Value Peak maintenance time at 1000W < 50ms
Conversion Efficiency More than 85%

1. Product Technical Parameters

Item Project Specification
Input DC input DC5521 12-24V-5A
DC input PD60W
AC output AC output voltage 1 AC socket AC220V±5%(or AC110V)
AC output power 500W
AC output overpower protection About 550 w.
AC output waveform Pure sine wave
Peak AC output Peak maintenance time at 1000W < 50ms
Frequency 50Hz
USB output port USB 1 output QC3.0 MAX 12 v / 1.5 A
USB 2 output QC3.0 MAX 12 v / 1.5 A
TYPE – C1 output PD/QC3.0 MAX 12 v / 1.5 A
DC12V output DC1 DC2 output 12V/10A MAX
TYPEC Output/input TYPE-C2 PD60W output


Type Ternary lithium battery 18650/2500mAh
capacity 24 ah s8p (6)
Power 445 Wh
Cycle life More than 1000 times
Charging parameters DC 12-24V/5A
Charging time 6-7H Charge from 0% to 100% (automatic cut-off)
Full of voltage 25.2 V + / – 0.1 V Battery charge to automatic cut-off voltage
LCD display Display the state of charge, charging, and stop charging Percentage of the electric and electric column display
DC, AC, and inverter status LCD Display screen
Switch on the static < 10 w
Protection function Short, overload, over-temperature, over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, etc
Over-temperature protection Over-temperature protection 85 ℃ or higher
Thermal recovery 70 ℃ or less

2. Product Discharge Time


Equipment Equipment power The discharge time
Mobile phone 4000mAh It can be filled for about 32 times
Tungsten filament bulbs 40W About 12 hours
Household fan 75W About 7 hours
Laptop 35W About 13.5 hours

Note: The above equipment test duration is for reference only. The duration varies according to different equipment.


3. Product Panel Description

Portable Power Station A

Portable Power Station A

The port number Port state The number of
1 DC12V/10A(DC5521) input 2
2 USB QC3.0  Output 2
3 TYPE-C1 18W  Output 1
4 Type-c2 PD60 input/output 1
5 220 v / 500 w AC output 1
6 DC5521 Charging (12-24V/5A) input 1
7 LCD display 1
8 LED lights 1
9 switch 5



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