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Power Bank

Power Bank Pro 10000 mAh



Power Bank Pro

A. Product Name

Power Bank Pro

Power Bank New Arrivals and Hot-selling

Functions 4 in 1 Power Bank

1. Wireless fast charging 15 W (max) Qi

2. Cable Charging PD 3.0

a. Type C Connector

b. 2 in 1 Connector to Apple/ Android (One side for Apple, the other for Android)

3. Digital Power Capacity Display (0%–100%)

4. AC Adapter can be built-in.

Creative Power Bank 10000 mAh A

Creative Power Bank Pro A


B. Product Model

PB-A 1


C. Product Size and Packing Box

Product size 84 x 82 x 29 MM

Packing Box Size: 91 x 91 x 30 MM

Packaging Box Including:

1 x Power Bank Pro PB A 1

1 x Charging Cable (Adapter Optional)

1 x User Manual


Creative Power Bank 10000 mAh B

Creative Power Bank Pro B


D. Product Application

  1. Travel on business
  2. Tourism and vacation
  3. Recreation & Entertainment
  4. Outdoors
  5. Sports
  6. Mountaineering
  7. Go fishing
  8. Yacht/Boat
  9. …..


Creative Power Bank C

Creative Power Bank Pro C

E. Special Advantages

1. The built-in 2 in 1 charging cable can be used for Android or Apple devices. The built-in charging cable in the product is no worrying about the embarrassing situation that if you forget to take the charging cable.

2. Type C charging cable is also built into the product, so don’t worry about forgetting to tale charging cable.

3. Wireless charging is equipped with an indicator light, which can be matched freely. The maximum output power is 15W. As for the current wireless charging on the market, the speed is the best. Make your charging reliable and guaranteed. There are four kinds of charging methods, so you always can find a way to charge your smart device.

4. Digital displaying can accurately tell you the remaining power capacity so that you can always optimize your power consumption plan.

5. The foldable adapters in different areas can be built into the product so that you can go all over the world without additional charges. The compact and simple embedded adapter provides a convenient charging guarantee for your travel.

Creative Power Bank Pro D

Creative Power Bank Pro D

6. The large power capacity allows you to avoid repeated charging and discharging every day. With the capacity of 10000 mAh, you can never worry about the power off of  your smart devices.

7. Intelligent design, power, ValtageBoost, with automatic identification and matching for charging current and voltage, automatically equipped with appropriate voltage and current, can charge under stable voltage so that you can freely charge and discharge.

8. It has fine workmanship, exquisite shell, light, thin, large capacity (10000 mAh), supports fast charging, and wireless charging,  it can be wired charging, easy to carry, and is especially easy to use. This wireless charging treasure is the best one with the highest cost performance and the best overall.

9. Convenient, white or black shell, frosted material, fingerprint, and scratch proof.

10. Automatic foreign matter detection, no wasting of power for non-wireless charging coil

11. Pu sling, easy to carry, fixed on your backpack and other items

Creative Power Bank Pro E

Creative Power Bank Pro E


F.Basic Specification Parameter Description

  1. Input Voltage / Current: 5 V / 2 A  or  9 V / 2 A  or Adapter
  2. Output voltage / current:  Match to smart device.
  3. Charging efficiency 80%
  4. Package size: 91 * 91* 30 MM
  5. Product weight: 0.3 kg
  6. Power supply mode: USB power supply or adapter


G.  Product Attentions

  1. Be sure to read the manual before use.
  2. Make sure that the voltage of the adapter and the power grid is in compliance. Choose a suitable local interface adapter.
  3. All charging cables should meet the requirements and use of matching accessories.
  4.  Please install and use the specified working environment (-20–40 degrees Celsius) for the charging process of smart devices,
  5.  It is necessary to turn off the power after charging.
  6.  This equipment is not waterproof, avoid liquid splashing, do not store the product in a high humid environment.
  7. Do not charge the product near the heat source.
  8. When charging, it will generate certain heat, which is a normal phenomenon and will not affect product performance. However, if you feel that the cell phone battery or this device is overheated, please disconnect the power supply of the device and try to charge it after it cools down.
  9. During the warranty period, free maintenance service shall be provided for any fault or damage caused by the quality of the product; if the product is damaged due to accident, voltage instability, and force majeure, it shall not be covered by the warranty.


H. Instructions for Wireless Charging

  1. After connecting the wireless charging, the green indicator light will work.
  2. To charge a Qi-compatible smartphone, please put the phone on the cover.
  3. After charging, remove the smart device from the device.


I.  Instructions for Discharging Function

  1. Matching your connector from a smart device, connecting to Power Bank Pro.
  2. Press the power on/off button, light is on, indicating that the working mode is in progress.
  3. When the discharging has been finished, you need power off this device.


J. Instructions for Charging Function

  1. You need to check the adapter which must match your area. Or which charging cable to be used.
  2. Connecting the device and check that how to charging, there are Type C cable, or USB cable charging, or adapter charging.
  3. Check the digital displaying number, as you think the charging is finished, please dis-connected the adapter or cables.
  4. Please be informed that keep any accessories together, adapter, cables, and etc.


K.  Product Features

  1. Charging effectiveness: 80%+.
  2. Long and strong durability.
  3. Compact, portable, and space-free.
  4. Updating design, a strong sense of science and technology.
  5. Wireless charging of the mobile phone
  6. Large capacity and multi-function, 4 in 1 power bank.

Please contact our HIEDESIGN to ODM & OEM,   you can customize the power bank as you have a creative and innovative idea. or not, just contact us for this standard product.

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