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Sterilizer Bag

UV Sterilizer Bag A3 Product Features

  1. UV Sterilization effectiveness: 99.99%.
  2. Long and strong durability for your goods.
  3. Compact, portable, and space-free.
  4. Updated design, a strong sense of science and technology.
  5. Comprehensive disinfection and sterilization, side cross UV disinfection and sterilization, big degree circulation.
  6.  Bead 6 Lights, UV Disinfection Bag for Baby Items, and others.
  7. UV Phone Sanitizer Bag (Pink & White, or customized colors).

2360 in stock



UV Sterilizer Bag


sterilizer bag A

Sterilizer Bag A

A. UV Sterilizer Bag Product Name

UV Sterilizer Bag

Hot-selling UV Sterilizer Bag  New Arrivals


Sterilizer Bag B

UV Sterilizer Bag B

B.UV Sterilizer Bag Product Model



sterilizer bag c

UV Sterilizer Bag C

C. UV Sterilizer Bag A3 Product Size

Product Size: 245*120*280 mm

Material: PU

Weight: 443.2 g

Power Supply: 5V

Current(Max): 0.8 A

Power On/Off Control:  Magnetic switch

Power: 4 W

UV LED lamp beads: 6 PCS

Sterilizing Method:  UV 270 -280 nm

Sterilizing Time: 5 mins

Carton Box Size: 510*380*583/12 pcs


Packaging Bag Including:

1 x Portable UV Disinfection Bag

1 x Charging Cable (Adapter not included)

1 x User Manual

sterilizer bag D

UV Sterilizer Bag D

D. UV Sterilizer Bag A3 Product Application

  1. Portable: Mobile phones、Portable Audio and Video Player, Wearables, Earphones,, etc.
  2. Tableware: Knife, Fork, Spoon, Chopsticks, etc.
  3. Protective: Masks, Gloves, Glasses, etc.
  4. Clothing: underwear, etc.
  5. Valuables: Watches, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, Gems, etc.
  6. Makeup Stuff;  Make-up tools, Make-up, Cosmetics, etc.



sterilizer bag e

UV Sterilizer Bag E

  • COMPLETE STERILIZATION – Equipped with Dual-UV lights, this portable UV sterilizing box can kill 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli in 18 minutes, and kill 99.9% of Candida albicans in 30 minutes, allowing you to disinfect your daily gadgets in an easy way.


  • PERFECT YOUR DEVICES–  What’s more, you can also place your glasses, jewelry, watches, keys, ear pods inside the box to get a complete disinfecting.


  • EYES PROTECTION – UV lamps are inside the top of the box, your eyes will not be exposed to ultraviolet light.


E. UV Sterilizer Bag A3 Special Advantages

  • It is easy to be portable for disinfection and sterilization.
  • Big space for your goods under UV sterilization.


F. Basic Specification Parameter Description

  • Disinfection & Sterilization  Power 4 W
  1. UV lamp  : 6 pcs /  4 W
  2. Input Voltage / Current: 5 V, 0.8 A
  3. Product size: 245×120×280 mm
  4. Product weight: 443.2 g
  5. Power supply mode: Micro USB power supply
  6. Violet light wavelength: 270-280 nm
  7. Product material: PU
  8. Sterilization time: 5 minutes

G. Product Attentions

  1. When turning on the light, do not look directly at the germicidal lamp, otherwise, it will cause the eyes not good.
  2. Please place it more than 1 meter away from the computer and electronic equipment to prevent signal interference of the integrated module.
  3. Do not open the repair or modification equipment by yourself, tear up the warranty label, and it is deemed that the artificial damage is not covered by the warranty.
  4. This equipment is not waterproof, avoid liquid splashing, do not store the product in a humid environment.
  5. Do not charge the product near the heat source.
  6. During the warranty period, free maintenance service shall be provided for any fault or damage caused by the quality of the product; if the product is damaged due to an accident, voltage instability, and force majeure, it shall not be covered by the warranty.


H.  Instructions for Disinfection Function

  1. Long press the sterilization button to turn on the disinfection mode after you connect the 5 V DC cable, you can be informed of the light for starting of sterilization right now.
  2. As the sterilization was finished, and the indicator light is off, indicating that the sterilization is completed.
sterilizer bag f

UV Sterilizer Bag F



I.  Product Features

  1. Sterilization effectiveness: 99.99%.
  2. Long and strong durability.
  3. Compact, portable, and space-free.
  4. Updated design, a strong sense of science and technology.
  5. Comprehensive disinfection and sterilization, side cross UV disinfection and sterilization, big degree circulation.


Please contact our HIEDESIGN to ODM & OEM,   you can customized UV Sterilizer Box Customer as you have a good idea. or not, just contact us for this standard product.

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